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Today’s troubled world inspires series in all genres. How can humour and alternative universes deepen the narration? How aesthetic can a series get? How is a series dream team created? Visionary writers like Adam Price (Borgen, Ride Upon the Storm) and Tony Grisoni (Southcliffe, The Young Pope, The City and the City) share thoughts and methods. Italy made a global leap with US/UK starred Medici. How are Elena Ferrante’s bestsellers turned into a very Neapolitan, global series? Experts on real time mobile fiction and game universes talk about future series worlds. Managers of international drama forums explain how they work for European series.


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 Guest Speakers 7.9.2018:

Tony Grisoni

Mastering film and series in many genres

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Ronja Salmi

Creator of real time web drama and head of book fair

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Adam Price

Creating Borgen and Ride Upon the Storm

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Camilla Hammerich

Producer of Danish top series

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Michel Zatta

Drama Development Executive at Rai, Italy

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Jeppe Gjervig Gram

From co-writer to awarded main writer

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 Cia Edström

Head of TV drama Vision

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David Jenkinson

Managing Director of C21

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Kalle Kaivola

Finder of heart and soul in games

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 Andrea Reuter

Gotenburg TV Vision, Project Manager

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Liselott Forsman

Helsinki Script moderator and organizer

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