Are drama series important to you? Welcome to a day of inspiring meetings with brave international scriptwriters, producers, commissioners and actors!  How are personal experiences and real-life events turned into drama series that matter?  Celebrated Swedish stand-up artist and writer Jonas Gardell has stunned the world with unique miniseries like “Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves” and  “The Days Flowers Bloom . Polish showrunner Dariusz Jablonsky, who co-produces all over, co-worked in his early days with Kieslowski. What is series depth today and how do creators keep their own voices at hot markets? American director-producer John David Coles (“House of Cards”, “Sex and the City”, “West Wing”, “Law and Order”) opens up on how US streaming services now will change storytelling. “Lilyhammer” creator Anne Bjørnstad is known for her unique series concepts.  Her satirical Sci-Fi “Beforeigners” opens in August 2019 as the first Norwegian HBO series. How does HBO want to reach the viewer’s heart in 2020? Commissioner Hanne Palmquist knows. Belgian Sanne Nuyens won the Cannes 2019 series award for the unique court drama,”The Twelve” having earlier renewed the crime genre with “Hotel Beau Séjour” (2018). Estonian “The Bank” (2018) successfully researches the wild economics of  the 1990’s independence years, while Finnish Invisible Heroes” depicts heroes in 1970’s Chile.  Crime thriller “All the Sins” (2019), which is the first Finnish series to win the Nordic Film & TV Fund Prize, moves deep within a religious community.

Click bolded series to see them for free in Finland.   Others are shown by Elisa, HBO and Netflix. Click here for Helsinki Script 2018 (1 min.)

  Once again the event takes place in the beautiful Savoy Theatre in the heart of Helsinki. The moderate ticket price includes lunch, coffee and networking drink.

 Guest Speakers 2019

Jonas Gardell

Celebrated comedian, novelist and scriptwriter

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Anne Bjørnstad

Creator of Lilyhammer and other unique series

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John David Coles

Director/Producer of Emmy-winning series

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Elly Vervloet

Commissioning domestic and international drama

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Dariusz Jabłoński

Co-producing all over Europe

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 Sanne Nuyens

Awarded Belgian renewer of drama genres

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 Tarmo Jüristo

Investment expert and creator of “The Bank”

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Dominic Schreiber

Global drama executive

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Tarja Kylmä

Scientist and scriptwriter

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 Pelle Heikkilä

Multilingual international actor

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Paul Aguraiuja

Combining strategy with creativity

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Liisa Penttilä-Asikainen

Finnish, international producer and CEO

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 Gerda Kordemets

Award-winning Estonian director and writer

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Mika Kurvinen

Directing across continents

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Merja Aakko

Awarded scriptwriter

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 Tone Rønning

Executive producer of international series

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 Mika Ronkainen

Documentarist, director and awarded scriptwriter

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Eero Epner

Scriptwriter, creator and art historian

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 Anni Wessman

APFI Head of International

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 Ilkka Matila

Producer of international films and series

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Hanne Palmquist

Commissioning editor & VP, HBO Nordic

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