In 2018 speakers from 12 countries shared visions and working methods with 500 delegates at Savoy Theater in Helsinki. The theme “spirituality” was strongly present, from Serbian-Swedish Tatjana Samopjan’s  lecture on writing beyond entertainment to Danish creator Adam Price’s  reflections on diving deep into spiritual themes. Israeli creator Keren Margalit showed how subject knowledge and dialogue focus bring depth. British writer Tony Grisoni built bridges between the real and the unreal, Finnish producer Ronja Salmi between social media and series and game director Kalle Kaivola between games and series writing. Swedish Lars Lundström, Danish Jeppe Gjervig Gram, Italian Barbara Petronio and Finnish Kirsi Porkka discussed  high end suspense from a creator’s pov.  “Authenticity” was a keyword in the session on “Skam” remakes. Italian creators, producers and commissioners showed how to combine truly domestic stories with Hollywood stardom.  

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 Guest Speakers 7.9.2018

Tony Grisoni

Mastering film and series in many genres

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Keren Margalit

Writer – director – creator of Israeli top drama

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Adam Price

Creating classics: Borgen and Ride Upon the Storm

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Camilla Hammerich

Producer of Danish top series

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Lars Lundstöm

Creator of Humans, writer of Wallander

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Barbara Petronio

Mastering complicated suspense (Suburra, Camorra Connection)

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 Cia Edström

Head of TV drama Vision in Gothenburg

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Jeppe Gjervig Gram

From co-writer to awarded main writer

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Kalle Kaivola

Finder of heart and soul in games

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Ronja Salmi

Creator of real time web drama and head of book fair

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 Alexander Lindh

German writer with roots in Finland

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Géraldine Gonard

Director of Connecta FICTION (Spain)

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Michel Zatta

Drama Development Executive at Rai, Italy

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 Tatjana Samopjan

Going beyond entertainment

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Gerhard Maier

Program Director of SERIENCAMP (Germany)

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 Andrea Reuter

TV Drama Vision, co-editor and moderator

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David Jenkinson

Managing Director of C21 in London

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Francesco Capurro

Head of Series Mania Forum, France

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 Kirsi Porkka

Playwright and scripwriter

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Miira Karhula

Miira Karhula

Virtual Writer’s room

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Ricardo Russo

Head of International TV Productions, Leone, Italy

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 Samuel Kirkhope

Virtual Writer’s Room

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Mylene Verdurmen

Dutch Head of Drama, Workshop Moderator

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Liselott Forsman

Helsinki Script, Program Director and Moderator

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