Tony Grisoni

Tony Grisoni is a multi award winning British scriptwriter. He’s the creator of miniseries SOUTHCLIFFE (2013), the co-writer and executive producer of THE YOUNG POPE (2016) which Paolo Sorrentino directed with Jude Law in the title role. In the supernatural genre Grisoni’s recent work include the standalone episode CRAZY DIAMOND (2017) for the anthology series of Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, a series adaptation of China Mieville’s THE CITY & THE CITY (2018) and the of screenplay THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE (2018), which Grisoni co-wrote with the film’s director Terry Gilliam. Grisoni and Gilliam earlier projects include FEAR & LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS (1998) and TIDELAND (2005). Grisonis first and award winning feature QUEEN OF HEARTS (1989) was directed by Jon Amiel. His three films based on David Peace’s “Yorkshire noir” quartet RED RIDING (2009) were directed by Julian Jarrold, James Marsh and Anand Tucker.  Grisoni co-wrote Samantha Morton’s directorial debut THE UNLOVED (2009) with Morton and co-created VANISHED – A VIDEO SÉANCE (1999) with performance artist and poet Brian Catling. He’s also collaborated with visual artists such as Oona Grimes and Dryden Goodwin.

Ronja Salmi

Ronja Salmi is an author, journalist, speaker and a tv-host, head of program of Helsinki Book fair and the CEO of her own company Ryöväri. Ryöväri is specialized in social media storytelling and recently launched the world’s first Instagram Stories drama series Karma. Salmi is passionate about creating content for young audiences and new forms for storytelling. Alongside Karma her company has produced Finland’s first chat-fiction series and various successful social media campaigns.

Salmi is currently working on her own television program Mitä mietit, Ronja Salmi? (What’s up, Ronja Salmi?). The show is going to air on Yle TV2 and it is directed to young adults. In the show, Salmi is pondering questions that are relevant to every millennial, such as how to live with a feeling of insufficiency or can one have children, if the globe keeps on getting warmer?

Adam Price

Adam Price (1967) is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning screenwriter and playwright who has written a number of TV series that have reached global audiences. Price co-wrote the Emmy winning series Nikolaj and Julie (DR), before becoming the creator of the highly successful series Borgen (DR), which has been sold to more than 80 countries in five continents – and been awarded with a BAFTA Award, a Prix Italia Award, a Fipa d’Or Award, a Peabody Award as well as the Danish TV-award for best drama for three consecutive years. Price’s latest TV series, Ride Upon the Storm (DR Drama in coproduction with ARTE France and SAM le Français) premiered in Denmark in the fall of 201.7 Price is currently finishing the 2nd season which will air on DR1 in September 2018. Ride Upon the Storm was voted Best Work in Progress at MIPtv in 2017. It won the Danish TV-award for best drama in 2017 and the Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize in 2018. Price was Head of Drama for the Danish TV 2 in the years 2001-2005 and has been a co-owner of SAM Productions ApS since 2014 with writer Søren Sveistrup (Forbrydelsen), producer Meta Louise Foldager Sørensen (A Royal Affair) and Studiocanal. Price functions as a writer and creative executive producer at SAM Productions ApS.

Camilla Hammerich

Camilla has worked in nearly all areas of production in the Danish TV and film industry. She began as an assistant producer and worked her way up to Head of TV2 Drama (Commissioning Editor/Director of Development). Currently she works as a Producer at DR Drama, Denmark’s acclaimed television development and production studio. Camilla is specialized in developing and bringing to fruition dramatic series for the Danish market, with an eye toward international marketability and award-winning appeal.

Camilla has been the producer of BORGEN. The Danish political series has been awarded a Golden Nymph, a BAFTA and a PEABODY as well as several other international nominations. At the moment Camilla is producing RIDE UPON THE STORM – a Danish series about faith and religion. She is also the author of the book THE BORGEN EXPERIENCE – Creating TV Drama the Danish Way.


Jeppe Gjervig Gram

Jeppe Gjervig Gram graduated from the National Danish Film School in 2007. Before his studies he worked for 6 years as a drama series consultant for Danish TV 2. While still in film school Gram was employed by public broadcaster DR as a regular episode writer on the one-hour drama series ’Sommer’ (2008-2009), one of the highest rating shows on Danish television the last twenty years.  Fresh out of “Sommer” Gram teamed up with head writer Adam Price and fellow film school alumni Tobias Lindholm to create the three person writers room for the first “Borgen” series. Gram served as an episode writer on 10 out of the first 20 episodes originally commissioned seasons 1 and 2 and worked on all episodes of season 3. Gram’s debut as a showrunner “Follow the Money” is a drama series about corporate crime for the same coveted Sunday night timeslot that formerly was the home of ‘The Killing’ and ‘Borgen’. The series was selected for a Berlinale Special screening at Berlin Film Festival 2015. “Follow the Money” has been sold to numerous countries, among others UK, France, the Benelux countries, Poland, and Australia. First season of “Follow the Money” won three Robert awards and was awarded at C21 in London as best foreign tv series. Season 2 of the series is currently in production.

Kalle Kaivola

Kalle Kaivola has worked with games for two decades as a producer, publisher, journalist and business developer. His background is in games with strong, memorable IP such as Angry Birds, Star Wars, Transformers, The Walking Dead and Blade Runner that have been downloaded over 250 million times. His past employers include the home of Angry Birds, Rovio, the licensed game focused Next Games and the German developer network Remote Control Productions. He is currently based in Finland, working both as an independent game producer and an advisor to game companies working across a range of different media, platforms and genres. Kalle’s passion behind games is tying narrative into game design and using the strengths of the medium to create something engaging. He loves helping the team find the heart and soul of an IP, whether an existing one or something just being created and craft an accessible but deep experience around it.

Andrea Reuter

Gotenburg TV Vision, Project Manager

Stockholm based Finlandswede Andrea Reuter works as a film producer, project manager and moderator. Amongst her regular customers are Göteborg Film Festival, where she at the Nordic Film Market prepares and moderates the annual two day seminar TV Drama Vision as well as the works in progress, and the Swedish Film Institute (where she worked for the International Department 2009-2011 as well as 2015).

David Jenkinson

David Jenkinson is an award-winning journalist, content technologist and multiplatform publisher. In the world of drama series Jenkinson is known as the Managing Director of C21 and especially of the Drama Summit in London. Having held senior editorial positions at
Haymarket, International Thomson, EMAP and Cahners’ Moving Pictures
International, Jenkinson created and co-founded C21Media in 1997, one of the
world’s first digital publishing businesses.  C21 brands include FutureMedia, Channel 21 international, Drama Quarterly, Drama Summit, Drama Summit West, Content London, Schedule Watch and the mothership; In 1997, alongside C21Media, Jenkinson co-founded creative agency Dri Riser, developing brand strategy for a variety of media and entertainment clients. He was a group editor at Haymarket from 1989-1991 having started his career at Reed Business Publishing. He has a degree in Communications and a post graduate diploma in periodical journalism. He moderates and speaks on television business, digital media and entertainment industry panels worldwide.

Liselott Forsman

Helsinki Script moderator and organizer

Liselott Forsman works as executive producer of international drama at Yle. She is the head of the Eurovision Fiction Expert Group and a long time Northvision co-producer. Her MA combines film, drama and TV studies. She has a background in fringe theatre and radio drama, in heading and producing fiction, culture and children’s programming. She’s been a speaker and moderator at film and TV forums on five continents and lectured at European master educations. She is a founding member and the program director at Helsinki Script.