Michael Hirst

Michael Hirst was born in Bradford, Yorkshire in 1952. He attended Bradford Grammar School, The London School of Economics, Nottingham University and Trinity College, Oxford. He has been a professional writer since 1980. Television series created and exclusively written by him include The Tudors, for Showtime, 4 Seasons, 37 episodes, 2006-2009 (Nominated for many awards including Golden Globe for Best Series) and Vikings, for MGM and History, 6 Seasons, 89 episodes, 2012-2018. (Currently 3rd most popular television show in the world – the last 20 episodes still to air)

His film scripts include “Fools of Fortune, starring Julie Christie, produced by Working Title, 1990. The Ballad of the Sad Café, starring Vanessa Redgrave and produced by Merchant-Ivory, 1992. Meeting Venus, directed by Istvan Szabo, starring Glen Close, 1993. Elizabeth, starring Cate Blanchett, produced by Working Title, 1996. (Nominated for 7 academy awards, including best picture and 5 BAFTAS).

Sanne Nuyens

Sanne Nuyens (born 1981) studied screenwriting at St Lukas Brussels and cultural studies at KU Leuven. She started out writing award-winning short films with co-writer Bert Van Dael. In 2017 tv series “Hotel Beau Séjour” aired, a series which she co-created and co-wrote for Belgian production company DeMensen. “Hotel Beau Séjour” won the public prize at Séries Mania-festival and was the first Flemish series to be bought by Arte France & Germany. The series was distributed worldwide as a Netflix original. After “Hotel Beau Séjour” she co-created and co-wrote the court room drama-thriller series “The Twelve” with Bert Van Dael for Eyeworks/Warner Bros Intl. The series won the award for best screenplay at Canneseries in 2019. It will air on broadcaster Eén this fall. Currently she is developing the second season of “Hotel Beau Séjour” as a writer and creative producer.

Dariusz Jabłoński

Dariusz was one of the first independent producers in Eastern Europe. He is a producer, director, scriptwriter, and founder and CEO of Apple Film Production, a leading Polish production company, renowned for its features, documentaries and drama series, as well as for its successful collaborations with international partners. Since 1990 he has produced and co-produced over 30 features, plus a similar quantity of full length documentaries and drama series, in cooperation with most European countries, as well as the US and Canada, gaining over 300 international and national awards. He is President of the Polish Film Academy, Vice-President of the European Producers’ Club, and a member of the European Film Academy. In 2004 he created ScripTeast, the screenwriting program for the best Eastern European scriptwriters. Currently he is directing  The Pleasure Principle produced by Apple Film, the first ever high-end international co-production drama series originated and shot in Eastern Europe, in co-production with Canal+ (Poland), Czech Television and Star Media (Ukraine).

Elly Vervloet

Elly Vervloet is the international drama executive of VRT, the Flemish public broadcaster (Belgium). As part of VRT’s drama strategy, it is the ambition to make high quality drama with international appeal and potential. Therefore, Elly takes up responsibility to find international financing, to set up international co-productions and to look for international cooperation in general. It is her role to build an international network and share her expertise within the company, in order to co-create a sustainable drama strategy that reinforces the local ecosystem. After a degree in Communication science at the University of Leuven, Elly began her career at VRT in 1994. After 12 years of working in the news department, she became program manager for Eén (channel one) in 2006, and later was vice channel manager for 6 years. During that time, she was commissioning editor for news, reality and fiction. She commissioned, amongst others, Salamander and Hotel Beau Sejour. Both series were very well received internationally.


Eero Epner

Eero Epner (born 1978) graduated Tartu University as an art historian, worked as a dramaturg in Theatre NO99 from 2004 til 2018. Collaborations with various directors in the frames of appr. 70 productions. In addition to being a dramaturg has also curated exhibitions of modern art, written articles and monographs of various artists, has written theatre criticism, edited an art magazine etc. “THE BANK” was his first work as a scriptwriter. It was a collaboration with Tarmo Jüristo, with whom he has also co-written the political musical “Savisaar”.


 Liisa Penttilä-Asikainen

Liisa Penttilä-Asikainen has worked as a producer since 2001 and founded Kaiho Republic in 2013. Penttilä-Asikainen has produced awarded short films, TV series, and feature films and has beeen actively co-producing, e.g. Lars Von Trier’s Dogville (2003), Peter Greenaway’s Eisenstein in Guanajuato (2015) and upcoming Zaida Bergroth’s feature film Maria’s Paradise (2019). Most recent tv-series Invisible Heroes (6 x 50´) was released in Finland April 2019 and ganster drama Reindeer Mafia (8 x 42´) is currently in development.


Tarmo Jüristo

Tarmo Jüristo has worked as a playwright and dramaturg since 2011. He has been involved in different productions with Von Krahl Theatre and Theathe NO99 in Estonia. Together with EERO EPNER, he was an author and co-producer of “THE BANK”, the TV drama series produced for the Estonia’s 100 year anniversary. Tarmo is the Head of Management Board at the think tank Praxis.


Paul Aguraiuja

Paul Aguraiuja is a creative entrepreneur with years of experience in combining strategy with creativity and leading large complex creative teams towards the goal. Almost half of his work life Paul was the Senior Producer and Managing Director of Teater NO99, now he spends most of his time as the CEO of the full-stack marketing agency IMPACT 80/20. While off-duty, Paul produces internationally acclaimed tv-series.


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